Critical Lawyers at Warwick


Career Events

These events are designed to introduce you to different industries, alternative career options, and talented professionals from different fields. This includes both socially oriented domestic law firms, international careers in human rights and development, and activist or advocacy groups. We will be: holding informational and inspirational talks from leading organisations, insightful panel discussions with professionals, trips to law firms and courts to expand your familiarity with the law beyond the classroom and social events to develop your connections, introduce you to firms and organisations. 

CRASH Courses

Academic events are aimed at helping students to improve, learn, develop and cultivate skills that will help them to succeed, and introduce them to cutting edge critical research. Aligning with CLAW’s values, we want to encourage students to work collaboratively, foster relationships within a supportive network and ultimately help each other to develop skills and improve academically. To accomplish this aim, we want to introduce study sessions this academic year near to exams, where students can work on content for different modules and their dissertations. We welcome ideas from you for events that we can arrange to help you! 

Social Events

CLAW prides itself in being a welcoming and inclusive environment, so our social events are a way for us to practice what we preach. Not only do we focus on hosting social events for our members, but we also prioritize creating a community environment within the CLAW team itself.  We have recently introduced ‘CLAW team time’ which is dedicated to team members unwinding in a casual and welcoming environment. Also look out for our socials that are open to all, whether it be movie nights, pizza hangouts, coffee mornings and more!

An Invitation to Blog!

Share your thoughts on anything to do with critical thinking and non-commercial careers in law.

Given the changes we are seeing throughout 2020, and our rapidly digitalising world, we are hoping to expand our online creative output. On our blog, this will take shape in the form of three new post series:

  • Interviews: students will have the chance to talk with academics and professionals, discussing their career paths, current roles and the effects of COVID-19 on their areas of interest, and then write a report or piece on this to be published on the CLAW blog
  • Module discussions: an invitation to students from different Law School modules to write about how they are studying and critically engaging with a particular module, and any critical thinking and further research this has inspired
  • Current thoughts: the opportunity to write about critical thoughts on any current topic related to critical legal thinking and/or non-commercial careers in law

We are open to contributions from anyone. So, why write for our blog? Not only does this give you the chance to have your work uploaded and read by others, this opportunity would also be a great talking point at an interview. This is also a chance to write critically and research freely in a non-assessed setting – hopefully providing relative academic freedom during university term time! 

CLAW Experiences

Throughout the 2020/21 academic year, we are hoping to bring you two brand new CLAW schemes to boost your knowledge of the legal field, expand your experience within it and polish up your CV. 

The first scheme is internships – these will take the form of paid placements to undertake key parts of CLAW’s work. These internships are planned for a number of roles, and the schemes will be a variety of lengths, depending on the jobs you might be assigned.

The second is the mentorship scheme. This will involve coaching by any member of the wonderful network of Warwick alumni who have progressed into non-commercial areas of law, as well as those who have established careers in the social justice ‘sector’. 

Although these schemes are still undergoing development, they are some truly fantastic, CV-boosting opportunities, so keep your eyes peeled (and on our email updates and social media pages) as plans are finalised!

Radical Mooting


Radical mooting is about creatively challenging and disrupting the reproduction of hierarchies and biases in the courtroom. We are interested in what kinds of hierarchies are reproduced in mooting competitions, and exploring ways of unveiling them. This includes questioning the dominant form of law, to the more mundane questioning of dress in the courtroom. Having identified the racial, class and gender biases, through text and film discussions, the next challenge is to put a radical moot into practice. Are there mooting practices which prepare law students to further anti-imperial, feminist, and anti-capitalist action?

The Critical Legal Pocketbook

We publish and curate the Critical Lawyers Pocketbook. This is a groundbreaking guide for law students with entries from the foremost critical legal theorists on the subjects studied in your law degree. Every two to three years it is refreshed with new entries. It explores major areas of contemporary legal study, and each edition adds new fields, and different theoretical analyses of contemporary issues. It will be published in paperback by Counterpress, and as an ebook (on a pay-what-you-can basis), to ensure that it is freely available and accessible to all law students.

Our Teaching

While CLAW is seperate from the undergraduate law courses run at the Warwick Law School, if you want to work with the various faculty members involved, then you might find the following subjects worth taking:

  • Law and Disorder
  • National Liberation, Imperialism and International Law
  • Public Legal Education
  • Issues in the Legal History of Race
  • Law on Screen
  • Climate Change and the Law
  • Gender and the Law