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Student Coordinators

Charlotte Green

My name is Charlotte Green and I am a third year Law (LLB) student and Secretary for CLAW for both the previous and current academic years. I entered Warwick Law School as part of the University’s contextual offer scheme – I am state-educated and the first generation of my family to attend university.

CLAW appealed to me for two main reasons. One being that I was, and remain, unsure as to what career path I would like to take. However, one thing I do know is that commercial and corporate law is not the area for me. CLAW’s events with small and specialised law firms give me a chance to explore my options; academic events also give me a chance to explore the option of further research and study, expanding my horizons in a different direction. The second reason is the structure of CLAW as a group. We are non-hierarchical: all coordinators, whether they are first year students or experienced academics, are on a level-playing field. This makes collaboration a much more accessible experience, as well as enabling everyone to have their say – and feel comfortable in doing so. For me, this is what sets CLAW apart from other societies.

Sukhi Ruparelia

Hello everyone – my name is Sukhi, I’m a finalist law student at Warwick, and am in charge of the career events for CLAW. Although I enjoy my degree, and find interest in the legal field, my career aspirations are completely non-legal. I am currently aiming for a more business-focused role in the city doing management consulting.

I joined CLAW to help ensure students leave Warwick with an appreciation of the real wealth of opportunities open to them after university, beyond those along the commercial-law lines. I want student the experience at Warwick to traverse industries, explore diverse interests, and open as many doors as possible. I also wanted to help create an alternative group dynamic to that of the typical society- a more open one where anyone can assume a position of responsibility if they have ideas they want to action, and are able to put their plans and ambitions into practice with the support of a tight-knit, super friendly team.

Freya Middleton

Hi! My name is Freya Middleton. I am a third-year law student and Coordinator of our editorial project, the ‘Critical Legal Pocketbook’.

I only considered studying law in my final two years in school. This is in part due to a really wonderful teacher who encouraged me to be more adventurous when picking subjects at school, even though that would mean stepping out of what I considered my comfort zone. 

I now try, when possible, to apply for and commit to opportunities that I genuinely find interesting, exciting, or seriously care about. Sometimes that means pausing to evaluate my reasoning for choosing something before committing to it, and other times it means jumping in the deep end when an offer comes up. This approach led me to coordinating the ‘CLAW Pocketbook’- and thus assuming a role within CLAW. I thought the project seemed exciting, I really liked the CLAW team, and the support we received balanced with the space we are given to take initiative. So I went for it!

Chanel Williams

Hello everyone, my name is Chanel Williams and I am in my third year of my Law and Sociology degree (QD). I am the Academic Events coordinator for CLAW. Beyond academia, I really love learning and I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to try new things and challenge myself.

I joined CLAW because I knew from early on in my studies that commercial law was just not for me. As there did not appear to be a lot of options to explore other areas of law, I was excited that CLAW had been started. Whilst I love my degree, and the opportunities it has provided me with, university can sometimes feel like a race to know what you want and quickly commit to a career for the rest of your life. I love that CLAW’s ethos is rooted in exploring a variety of options, inclusivity and that collaboration is at the heart of the work we do. It has been a great experience to work with students and professors on projects where we are constantly learning from each other and it will be great to see CLAW grow even more.


Zahra Abdul-Malik

Hi everyone! My name is Zahra and I am a final year Law LLB student. I have been in charge of the Social Media and Marketing side of CLAW since it started in 2019. I came to Warwick from Vienna, as although I am British Nigerian, I’ve lived in Austria and South Africa for a big portion of my life. 

Being part of the international community taught me how important it is to be open minded in all arenas of our life, a belief of mine that aligns with CLAW’s values. CLAW seeks to broaden students’ horizons by exposing you to a variety of practice areas, perspectives and career options so we can all get a step closer to discovering what we are passionate about.

Join us to get the whole picture of law and all that it is about – whether it be commercial or non-commercial. We look forward to welcoming you!

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